9. Mexico and Costa Rica: Places where drinks are dangerous

9. Mexico and Costa Rica: Places where drinks are dangerous

According to geologist Hans-Rudolf Keusen from the Swiss Alpine Association, the warm conditions and the thawing of permafrost at high altitudes due to the climate crisis are almost certainly a cause of the rise in rockfalls and avalanches.

7. Coral Reefs, Florida: Disease is destroying the reef area 

An unknown disease is currently spreading in the corals of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The "Hard coral tissue loss disease" destroys around 66 to 100 percent of the corals and has spread over 150 square kilometers since 2014. 

And it continues to spread: first seen in Puerto Morelos, south of Cancun, it reached the reefs of Cozumel in October 2018. Therefore, if you still want to vacation there, you should take some protective measures for the corals: reduce pollution from gasoline-powered boats, use buoys to avoid anchoring to corals, and always wear coral-reef-safe sunscreen. Pay attention to proper reef label while diving, and properly clean and maintain your equipment to prevent the disease from spreading.

8. Galapágos Islands, Ecuador: introduction of a tourist tax

The Galapágos Islands of Ecuador, inhabited by the largest living species of turtles, are unique ecosystems that are threatened by mass tourism. That is why they are thinking about increasing or introducing new fees. 

Currently, international tourists visiting Galapágos National Park pay a fee of $ 100 per visit and Ecuadorians on the mainland pay $ 6. But that fee has not increased in 20 years. But since the surge in visitors, officials have been concerned about the fragility of the environment and have proposed an increase in visiting fees – a one-time fee of $ 200 for those who visit the islands and spend at least three nights in mainland Ecuador, and one Fee of US $ 400 to visit the Galapagos with just a night or two on the mainland. The exact tax will be determined by December 31, 2019.

9. Mexico and Costa Rica: Places where drinks are dangerous

Of course, drinking alcohol can be risky behavior regardless of where you consume it. However, travelers are more at risk in certain events occurring at certain resorts in Mexico and Central America. In Costa Rica and Mexico, for example, deaths from spoiled alcohol are being investigated. 

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health issued a national warning regarding several brands of alcohol contaminated with methanol. In Costa Rica that year, 25 people died and 59 were hospitalized for methanol poisoning. Cases have increased in Mexico since 2017. 

10. Thailand: Elephant riding must stop

There is a study of elephant conditions in countries like Thailand where elephant riding is common. In the 118 elephant sites examined, the experts found more than 1,300 animals suffering from terrible conditions: young wild animals, separated from their family groups, repeatedly attacked with sharp hooks and other tools, chained at night and without adequate nutrition. All for a 10-minute tourist ride or a circus-like show where animals were forced to stand on their hind legs or juggle their trunks or paint pictures.

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The demand for elephant rides, especially in Thailand, has increased in recent years due to the rise in tourism. Eliminating it altogether would reduce the demand for attractions that exploit elephants for human pleasure.

Sources used: Fodor’s Travel: Thirteen places to reconsider in the year ahead

Up until a few years ago, a holiday with a dog on Lake Garda was characterized by a strict bathing ban and a nationwide leash requirement. Since 2011, the beautiful holiday region has become much more dog-friendly, so that today not only two-legged friends but also four-legged friends can enjoy the Italian paradise. Here you will find some holiday tips for you and your dog on Lake Garda.

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Holidays with your dog on Lake Garda

A holiday with your dog on Lake Garda promises a wonderful alpine panorama as well as a wonderful, varied landscape and plenty of space for long walks. It’s best to get a hiking map on site to find the best trails in the well-developed hiking network around Lake Garda.

The Mediterranean climate on Lake Garda is ideal not only for you, but also for your dog, as it is usually warm here, but there is usually a refreshing breeze. Make sure that you always have enough water with you on longer hikes with your dog. The region north of the Alps is very mountainous and requires your animal to be in good physical condition.

Important tip: You should definitely know that muzzles and leashes are compulsory all over Italy, although the muzzle obligation is not always taken seriously in many regions. Don’t be fooled by this, however, but at least keep the muzzle to hand in case you should be asked about it or in general when you are using public transport.

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Many landlords are geared towards dogs

When it comes to dog-friendly accommodations, you shouldn’t normally have any problems finding a suitable one "Casa" to be found in the region. Most of the landlords have prepared themselves for a holiday with a dog on Lake Garda. In any case, before starting your vacation, find out whether your dog is not only tolerated or tolerated, but also wanted. So there are no surprising complaints.

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The dog beach “Bau Beach”

The first dog beach on Lake Garda opened in May 2011 and is called “Bau Beach”. The almost 1000 square meter fenced area on the south-eastern shore of the lake near the village of Peschiera del Garda is the perfect place for a holiday with your dog on Lake Garda. Your four-legged friend can play, romp and bathe to their heart’s content, although leash is required on land. In the water, your seal can of course swim and splash around without a leash. The entire bank area offers perfect opportunities for walking and relaxing. There are plenty of loungers and seats for dogs and people as well as water bowls, dog snacks and everything your friend with the cold muzzle needs to be happy. The “Bau Beach” is chargeable, however. On Lake Garda there are now alternative free places where you and your dog can cool off. It is best to find out more on site.

The dog is literally man’s best friend and therefore probably the Germans’ most popular pet. According to the Association for German Dogs (VDH), there are around ten million dog owners in Germany – so it is inevitable that they too meet in courtrooms from time to time. We will inform you about the most important legislation relating to your four-legged friend.

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Laws Around Your Dog

There are provisions in the various law books that you as a dog owner have to observe. For example, there are regulations in environmental law, animal welfare law, russian bridesw but also in the general criminal code. It is therefore important that you are clear about the area in which your concern falls in order to find the right information.

Laws on keeping dogs are a matter of the state

What about the excrement of the four-legged friends: Is it obligatory as a dog owner to remove it? Yes, in most cases. But be careful – such regulations, which concern the keeping of a dog, are a matter of the federal state in which you are located and can therefore even be regulated differently from municipality to municipality.

This also includes, for example, laws on the obligation to leash or the classification of dog breeds according to danger. These are decided by the respective federal states. For example, in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria it is allowed to let dogs run free; however, dogs in Berlin or Brandenburg must be kept on a leash. Bremen has introduced a so-called grace period for the months from March to July, during which dogs are not allowed to run around freely.

With regard to the breed lists, on which it is noted which dog breeds are considered dangerous, the federal states also differ. Bavaria currently has the longest list.

Also with the amount of the dog tax it depends on the regulations within the municipalities and communities. You should therefore find out more about the legislation in your state. On the VDH website www.vdh.de/ you will find links to the individual websites of the federal states.

Bite wound – what now?

It is different when it comes to nationwide issues, for example in the area of ​​criminal law. As a dog owner, when you go for a walk you will meet other dogs and their masters more often. Sometimes dog fights occur, injuring animals or even their owners.

The law states that you have to be liable if your dog injures another animal or person. If a dog bites a person, the dog owner can be prosecuted for bodily harm. If another animal is injured, the incident counts as property damage. In both cases, the dog owner is liable for damages (§ 833 Civil Code).

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Stumbled upon the dog

It is similar if the dog is only indirectly the cause of an injury. For example, if you stumble across the hairdresser’s dog because it has spread out in the entrance area, the mistress is responsible here too. According to the D.A.S. Legal protection insurance must be paid by the dog owner in the event of injury to the customer or compensation for damages (Az. 19 U 96/12).

Dogs are only allowed on vacation with a pet passport. (Photo: imago) No vacation without a dog – that’s how many owners think and take their dog with them on trips. However, if you want to cross the border from France, Spain or Italy without any problems, you shouldn’t forget one thing: the EU pet passport. Because dog owners who are caught without the passport face high fines. The identification requirement has been in effect since 2004 and simplifies the entry requirements for dogs in other EU countries. The EU pet passport also helps prevent the spread of rabies. We’ll tell you everything you should know about the ID.

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Rabies vaccination is compulsory

If you need an EU pet passport for your dog, you have to go to the vet. Because the passport may only be issued here. In the practice, the veterinarian also carries out other necessary basic examinations.

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